Monday, May 13, 2013

Capitals' Tom Wilson loses skate blade after big hit, stumbles to bench

Skating on ice is tough enough, but doing it when you are missing a blade on one foot during an NHL playoff game — as we found out yesterday — is next to impossible.

That's what happened to Washington Capitals rookie Tom Wilson when he was crashed into the boards and "lost his steel" during Game 6 against the New York Rangers Sunday.

The 19-year-old rookie, playing just the second game of his NHL career, came flying in for a check along the end boards. So far, so good. But on the check his skate hit the boards, and his blade went flying off. The hit was high and hard but the trip back to the bench to replace the damaged skate turned into a hilarious lowbrow journey for the hobbled Cap.

Wilson looked like a drunk Quasimodo as he flailed and stumbled back to the bench before teammate Jason Chimera helped out.

It's funny because Wilson wasn't hurt on the play.

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