Monday, April 22, 2013

Not surprisingly, Mark Sanchez gets booed at Celtics-Knicks playoff game

There are a lot of places Mark Sanchez can choose to visit during the off season but public New York City arenas with Jumbotrons might not be the wisest choice.

Once again the New York Jets quarterback was roundly booed at Madison Square Garden as he sat courtside at Saturday's Game 1 Knicks-Celtics NBA playoff game.  The Butt Fumble quarterback heard it loud and clear from the crowd when his image was shown on the Jumbotron and looked like he was trying to find someone's rear to hide his face.

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith tweeted what a lot of fans were thinking. And on this video, the woman's resounding laugh says it all.

Doesn't he get enough abuse at MetLife Stadium?

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