Wednesday, April 17, 2013

JPP: Giants 'can't BS around this year'

Jason Pierre-Paul knows the New York Giants have the talent to win another Super Bowl but sounds like he's tired of the complacency surrounding the team.

"We can't BS around this year," JPP said Tuesday night at a charity dinner on Long Island.  "The falling down, and going up, that stinks, you know what I mean? Because it’s like every year it happens, every year. Now I haven’t been here for the previous years but when I’ve been on this team, since I’ve been on this team, it stinks.

"The Super Bowl run was just the same thing. It just so happened that we picked it up the last minute and we took a run for our money and we got everybody, we got on track and we took everybody down, and it was a great feeling.

"You can’t BS around. you get tired of it."

The fourth-year defensive end saw his own fat 16.5 sack total from 2011 slim down to a slender 6.5 last season and head coach Tom Coughlin has commented that it's JPP's body weight that needs to drop.

Coughlin, speaking of Pierre-Paul last month at the NFL owners meetings said, "He didn’t play as well as the year before ... He was big when he came to camp. There’s not a lot of body fat [with Pierre-Paul], yes, but still ..."

Pierre-Paul disagrees.

"It never bothered me," Pierre-Paul said. "People I know, they got mad and upset, but there's nothing to get upset about. He's my head coach. He saw in his eyes that I was overweight. But today, standing here today, I'm the same size I was last year."

Pierre-Paul said he was 273 pounds last year and is 274 now, adding, "If they want me to lose weight, I can do it that fast."

Pierre-Paul's drop in sacks could be attributed to the fact that teams finally figured out that double-teaming the big guy slows him down but — in JPP's mind — the new blocking schemes don't make him less effective.

"I was a major factor on the defense and I was putting pressure on the quarterbacks 24/7," JPP said. "My numbers didn't show for it, but whenever I stepped on the field everybody knew that Jason Pierre-Paul was dominating that tackle or that tight end or playing the running game."

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