Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reggie Jackson's three-home run jersey taken off auction block for being wrong one

An auction house in New Jersey pulled a New York Yankees jersey that Reggie Jackson claimed was the one that he wore when he had his historic three-home run game during the 1977 World Series.  After no one bid on the legendary pinstriped top, an alert memorabilia expert discovered it was the wrong shirt and it was yanked from the block.

The retired Yankees great said he kept the jersey hidden away for 35 years after the iconic Game 6 against the Los Angeles Dodgers and believed it was the same one he was wearing when jacked three homers on that chilly Oct. 18, 1977 night.  But a video showed the "pinstripe alignment" was off, California-based SCP auctions said.

"Video footage of the game shows some subtle inconsistencies between this jersey and the one he wore on the field," said the auction house, which expected to fetch $100,000 for the game-worn jersey this week.

Mr. October seemed surprised as anyone about the mix up. "For 35 years, that jersey has been in a frame. It doesn’t make sense," Jackson said.

He added he still questions about whether it really is the game jersey.

Jackson says he lost most of his sports gear from the era in a house fire and is sad to see the jersey’s authenticity challenged.

"It broke my heart," he added.

The Hall of Famer may have worn the jersey in the clubhouse after the game, but it was not the one worn on the field, experts said.

Peter Nash, who runs the blog Hauls of Shame, said he and a partner discovered the jersey wasn’t authentic and tipped off the auction house.

Proceeds from the sale were to go to Jackson’s family and his charity, the Mr. October Foundation for Kids.

Now about those Reggie Bars.

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