Thursday, April 25, 2013

Forget vuvuzelas — the sound of Brazil 2014 will be caxirolas (VIDEO)

The Brazil 2014 World Cup will be unleashing its own version of the infuriating vuvuzela on the world and only time — and hearing loss — will tell if the caxirola is just as annoying.

Unlike the vuvuzela —a percussion instrument which many fans blamed on ruining the World Cup experience in South Africa — the caxirola has been designed especially for mass use in stadiums.  The hand-held instrument makes a rattling sound when shaken and was created in a collaboration between Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown and Brazil's ministry of sports.

Produced in the national team colors of yellow and green, the small instrument is made from recycled plastic and will be handed to fans attending the Confederations Cup in June, the country's unofficial dress rehearsal for the 2014 World Cup.

A FIFA spokesman promised the instrument would "add to the fan experience" at the tournaments and help "create a unique Brazilian atmosphere in the stadiums."

The sound of the vuvuzela is etched in many a football fan's mind — and ear drums — as the over-riding memory of the South African World Cup. The controversial three-dollar trumpet produced an uncomfortable 127-decibel blare, providing a deafening background to the entire tournament.

WATCH video below — imagine 70,000 more of the little rattlers together at once — and decide.

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