Wednesday, April 24, 2013

30 Canadian skiers attempt to break record for simultaneous backflip

For all you winter sports buffs who need more than the snow-covered infields at Coors Field to keep you sated, here's  one last blast of some cold weather fun from the land of Justin Bieber.

And no, it's not Hands Across Canada.

Thirty Canadian skiers got together, held hands and performed a simultaneous backflip on a ski slope Sunday in an attempt to break a world record for such a stunt.

Oh Canada.

The stunt was organized by freestyle skiing pro Mikael Kingsbury and shut down part of the Mont Saint-Sauveur ski slope in Quebec.  He recruited current and former members of Canada's freestyle team to join in on the stunt. Skiers trained together for two hours alone or in smaller groups and a special extra-wide jump was constructed for the chorus line of backflips.

While the impressive feat was successful, it hasn't officially been labeled a world record. But the video has become a hit on YouTube.

Where are the Expos when you need 'em?

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