Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston Bombers women's basketball team will change unfortunate team name

The Boston Bombers — the grieving city's only semi-pro women's basketball team — has decided to rename the franchise in the wake of the twin bombings at the Boston Marathon last week, according to

The team is affiliated with the Women's Blue Chip League and had used a cartoon-like drawing of a basketball bomb with a lit fuse as its logo.  The unfortunate name and logo had fans expressing their concerns after the tragedy which killed three people and injured over 250.

"We changed it due to the events Monday," a spokesperson told Gawker over email. "Our fans [were] not happy with the name." The team plans to announce a new name sometime this week.

While the new team name won’t be made public until the week of April 29, the team has already taken steps to erase the Boston Bombers name from the Internet by shutting down the team's Facebook page and Twitter account, and discarding the website.

The team will also change its logo which Gawker described as a “lit-fuse Wile E. Coyote bomb with basketball grooves.”

Nike recently removed a controversial t-shirt which read "Boston Massacre" in blood covered letters — a reference to the Yankees-Red Sox 1978 divisional race — from its shelves in response to criticism from the public.

I'm sure we won't be seeing any Bronx Bombers t-shirts back on the racks anytime soon either.

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