Sunday, April 14, 2013

Under-fire A-Rod visits teammates in Yankee Stadium dugout

Alex Rodriguez made a rare appearance at Yankee Stadium on Saturday — one day after the controversial third baseman was linked to a Major League Baseball investigation that he allegedly purchased documents that link him to the Biogenesis clinic that was a source of banned drugs.

It was also less than twenty-four hours after the rehabbing, $114 million Yankee player was photographed sunning himself at a Miami pool with his girlfriend Torrie Wilson.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi didn't expect to see the embattled A-Rod in the dugout — wearing pinstripes to boot.

"I was not aware he was coming," Girardi said after Rodriguez sat next to his teammates in the dugout during the Yankees 5-3 loss to the Orioles. "I hadn’t seen him since the last homestand. He’s doing more and more each day."

A-Rod has reportedly been working hard to get back to the Bronx.

"Although it was slow, he actually got on a treadmill the other day," Girardi said. "He was pretty fired up about that."

Robinson Cano said it was good to see Rodriguez, despite the cloud of controversy he’s surrounded by.

"It was good to see the way he was walking," Cano said. "He’s a guy, every time he walks in here, he always walks in happy, which is good. He brings energy to the team."

Before the game, Girardi didn’t have much to say about Rodriguez’s alleged attempt to have someone purchase records from Biogenesis, in order to have them destroyed — something that was denied by Rodriguez’s public relations team.

"It’s an MLB issue," Girardi said of the investigation into Biogenesis and Rodriguez’s alleged involvement. "That’s my reaction."

MLB bought documents from the clinic when it learned a player already had done so for the purpose of destroying them.

Girardi said he doesn’t get receive any updates from the organization when new potential developments emerge.

"Do I get a memo on my desk [when a report comes out]?" the manager said. "No, I don’t get a memo on my desk. I think probably everyone hears about it if they choose to watch 'SportsCenter.'"

As for Rodriguez’s mindset, Girardi said it was positive.

"He’s anxious to get back"” Girardi said. "I think he wants to get on the field. That’s the area that I think he knows the best. ... We just want him to do his rehab and get him back on the field as soon as we can."

Rodriguez might want to hang around so no one forgets his face.

A-Rod's replacement, Kevin Youkilis, has already made Yankee fans lose sight of his Red Sox bloodlines and is batting a robust .368 with a .632 slugging percentage.

Bomber fans are already saying Alex who?

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