Monday, April 22, 2013

Lance Armstrong plays drums in front of 10,000 people at Texas reggae festival

Lance Armstrong, the disgraced cyclist who was knocked from the winner's podium for steroid use, has found a new stage to keep him in the public eye.  The seven-time Tour de France champion, who tooted his own horn denying his PED use for years, was spotted playing the drums in front of 10,000 hometown music fans at the 2013 Austin Reggae Festival.

The founder of the Livestrong Foundation jammed with a band called Herbstrong on the Austin, Texas stage and — from the sound of his Twitter account — it sounds like a future in music is more unnerving than facing the USADA to the troubled athlete.

"Drumming in front of 10,000 peeps had me more than a little freaked," he tweeted after getting behind the skins on four songs.

Hey, it's got to be better than getting caught playing the bongos naked like his good bud Matthew McConaughey.

Since last fall, Armstrong's  name has mainly been tied to negative media headlines. He's facing several multi-million dollar lawsuits, many speculated Armstrong’s April sale of his 7,850-square-foot spread in Austin was at least partially a bid to defer mounting legal costs.

Also this month, Armstrong, who is banned for life from competing in any Olympic sport, was preparing to race in a swimming competition that did not test its entrants for performance enhancing drugs.

Upon learning of Armstrong’s intention, the International Swimming Federation banned him from the event and from all future events that they sponsor.

Is music a part of Armstrong’s future?  Who knows. At least there's no drugs involved in the world of reggae or rock n' roll. 

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  1. Lance would be banned from Earth if we could