Monday, April 29, 2013

Unbelievable missed open goal kick from two yards out (VIDEO)

Open goal misses are always embarrassing but, for one unfortunate striker playing in a Dutch women's soccer league, this is one shot she will never live down.

Beerschot Ladie's Nicoletta Den Ridder fell to the pitch in a heap after she missed a shot two yards from an open net which was as wide as well ... the Holland Tunnel.

After Beerschot's Tamara Valentine's free-kick caromed off the post and right in the path of Den Ridder's legs, she sliced it straight up over the crossbar.

The team's website called the missed opportunity "incomprehensible." Some called it the "Miss of the Century." We'll call it Dutch Mistreat. Beerschot went on to lose 2-0.

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