Friday, April 19, 2013

Ballhawk snags two home run balls at Yankee Stadium from right AND left field

Your eyes weren't playing games on you Thursday night if you think you saw the same guy catch two different home run balls from both right and left field at Yankee Stadium.  It was the same guy.

Zack Hample, the guy obsessed with collecting major league baseballs and has a collection of over 6,500 of them, snagged home runs from Diamondbacks rookie Didi Gregorius (in the third inning) and  Francisco Cervelli (his shot tied the game in the ninth).

Hample's feat would be strange enough just catching both dingers, but he did it from opposite sides of the outfield.


Hample, a New York City product who has received some fame for his obsession with catching balls at baseball games over the years, is no stranger to the TV cameras.  He caught Barry Bonds career home run No. 724 and  written three books about his expertise in the stands.

Hample tweeted (@zack_hample) after the Gregorius homer: “So, yeah, I snagged Didi Gregorius’s first MLB homer tonight at Yankee Stadium. Gonna meet him after the game:” After the Cervelli blast to left, Hample said, “Yep, that was me catching Francisco Cervelli’s home run in the bottom of the ninth. Two homers for me tonight!”

One of Hample's secrets for bagging free stuff from players has to do with his attire.

On his blog, Hample advises other collectors to wear opposing team gear in the stands.  The best way to get a ball tossed to you is from a visiting player. What's a little abuse from the home crowd if it means getting a ball.

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