Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mariners beer cup catch guy selling T-shirts to mark occasion of famous chug

 The twenty-something dude who became an Internet star last week by catching a foul ball in his beer and then chugging it down — with the ball still in the cup —has found a way to turn his 15 minutes (actually 46 seconds on YouTube) of fame into cash.

Johnny Turk is selling "Seattle Shower" T-shirts for $22 on his website and launched a Twitter account @catchnchug in the hours following his viral triumph.

On his website, Turk says he started the capitalist venture in response to "people asking me for a shirt that captured the spirit of the incident" and to pay off some of his University of Washington student loan.

Smells like team spirit to me. At the time of his infamous guzzle, Turk says that he was hoping his Safeco Field chug would inspire the Seattle Mariners to win.  Unfortunately for the beer-soaked Turk, the home team lost to the Astros, 8-3.

The good news though, says Turk, is that you can now "share the moment with me."  

Just add your own craft beer for the total "Seattle Shower" experience.

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