Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dutch soccer player scores hilarious own goal

Just call this play soccer's version of The Buttfumble — without the butt and sort of a fumble.  Switch Mark Sanchez with Mike van der Hoorn, put him on a soccer pitch and watch the Dutch player score one for the other team then fall on his face.

To add insult to injury, Van der Hoorn's comical own goal came when his FC Utrecht team was already down 3-0 and reduced to nine men.

Van der Hoorn's bumbling goal right before half-time topped off a error-filled first half in his team’s crushing defeat by AZ Alkmaar. 

Right before the halftime horn, Van der Hoorn found himself facing his own goal-line with the ball at his feet in the six-yard box after a cross pass ricocheted into his path. 

Under little pressure from Alkmaar’s attackers, he should simply have hooked the ball away and hoped for a better second-half performance from Utrecht.

Instead, the 20-year-old kicked the ball into his own net before falling flat on his face.
Van der Hoorn and his team-mates conceded a further two goals in the second half at the AFAS Stadion, making it 6-0 after their terrible play.

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  1. The bar cart is IT! Too perfect! Another amazing score! What we see all the first time we have learned the hard way not to break up are perfect! Looking caveman! It was a great weekend of football!