Thursday, April 4, 2013

NFL to show stadium locker rooms during games

Ever been curious about what goes on in an NFL locker room during a game? Well the National Football League thinks you do and, starting this fall, will bring fans all the live-action that goes on when the players are off the field.

According to the website, cameras will be place into all home team locker rooms with selected footage to get aired inside the stadiums.  The use of the cameras is mandatory NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed, and no team will be exempt from airing footage.

Placing cameras in the locker room is being promoted as an incentive to lure fans from their state-of-the-art, 60-inch flat screens by giving them something they can't get at home. Another thing fans — some who can't afford $9 beers and $6 hot dogs on top of a PSL — probably don't have at home is the luxuriousness of an NFL locker room — or the cleanliness either.

Rising prices and better HD technology have given fans just a couple of reasons to stay at home in their man-caves.  Now, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is attempting to turn the games into an all-round interactive experience that you can't get on your Cheeto-covered living room sofa.

The idea isn't as novel as it sounds.  The XFL — remember He Hate Me? — brought cameras into the locker rooms back in 2000.  The next year the league shut down.

What's next for the NFL? The 3-point PAT?

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