Friday, April 5, 2013

Mike Tyson puts the 'Scary' in 'Fifty Shades' movie spoof

If women were tantalized by the erotic S&M book, "Fifty Shades of Grey," Mike Tyson just might scare them right out of their new found affection for sensual whippings, delicate handcuffing and soft porn love after they see him in the comedy "Scary Movie 5."

Even before the film adaption of the gazillion-selling romance gets a director, the book is being spoofed on the big screen in a scene featuring former ear-biting, heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, reports The New York Post.

The footage will air tonight on "ET."

From Page Six of the Post:

The "Fifty Shades" sendup in the next chapter of the "Scary Movie" franchise, opening April 12, features Jerry O’Connell as kinky Lothario Christian Grey, who tries to seduce Ashley Tisdale but winds up in a mess of whips, chains, hot wax, goats—and Tyson.

"Prepare for a night of unparalleled passion," O’Connell tells Tisdale after blindfolding her with a red mask. "Your safe word is . . . deeper."

Tyson appears from another room, grimacing in pain and telling Grey, "Golly . . . thanks for working on my prostrate like it was a speed bag." The deviant tycoon shoots back: "I was surprised by your performance as well. Not bad for a washed up, overweight, facially tattooed . . ." Tyson then decks O’Connell, who laughs, saying, “Do it again!” before ending up hanging in chains.

After that, O'Connell whips Tisdale who trips into a cabinet revealing a couple of goats in leather gear.

Oh for the days of Tyson bursting into song in The Hangover.

The actual "Fifty Shades" movie timetable is basically cuffed to a bedpost.  Author E.L. James recently told Page Six: "We don't even have a filmmaker."

Tisdale told Page Six she was initially "nervous" being around the the "intimidating Tyson, but admitted "it turned out hilarious."


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