Friday, April 5, 2013

Former-Hoya Michael Graham wins $1 million in D.C. lottery

Former Georgetown badboy Michael Graham is making news in D.C. once again — and it has nothing to do with the Georgetown-Syracuse basketball rivalry.

The one-time Hoya forward — who helped his team win the 1984 NCAA championship title — just won $1,000,000 playing Powerball with the D.C. Lottery.

Once known as "The Enforcer," Graham was better known for his abrasiveness on the court and less for his stats against opposing teams. The one-time scourge of the Big East Conference might find a lot his former rivals letting bygones be bygones now that he has all that money.

Graham bought the $1 million Powerball ticket at a South Dakota Avenue Shell station.

A friend woke him up Monday night to tell him there was a winner, but Graham didn't think he had won, so he went back to sleep and checked the ticket the next morning.

"I lay across the bed most of the day, you know," he said. "I had to get my thoughts together, how many people I was going to hide from."

I guess Hoya Paranoia still exists.

Graham — who said he's in "retail sales management" — is the lottery's first million-dollar winner of the year. 

He didn't talk about basketball at the lottery press conference but Graham said he plans to use the money to open a business and to fund summer camps for kids.


  1. congrats! cant win if you din't play. think lucky and you will be lucky!!!!!

  2. "The Enforcer" is Maurice Lucas