Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wes Welker gets into scuffle at Aspen bachelor party

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker and several of his pals got into a fight with security guards as he was preparing for his upcoming Aspen, Colo. wedding.

Welker and six of his friends— at an unofficial bachelor party—  scuffled with the security guards when they tried to enter the Patron tequila-sponsored  "Summerology" event Friday night, according to Page Six of The New York Post.

Sources said Welker had to be "physically restrained" after he strolled into the gala at the restaurant Above the Salt with his crew and tried to rush in without checking in with the party staffers.

After security tackled the group, witnesses said the Pro-Bowl NFL star and his posse still wouldn't cooperate and demanded to be let in to the event— which is party of the weekend's 30th annual Aspen Food & Wine Classic.

"Security tried to subdue the group" when a brawl almost broke out, reports Page Six.  "Security then physically restrained  [Welker] and his group to break everything up.

Welker and his boys weren't arrested but police had threatened to do so.  "Security calmed them down and kicked them off the property," the source said.

Aspen police confirmed there was a record of a "lecture and release" incident at the restaurant Friday night, but couldn't confirm if it was Welker's group.

Despite the brouhaha, Welker and his friends continued their own version of "The Hangover" by attending festival events and posting photos on his Twitter account.

The NFL star is in Aspen preparing to marry his fiancee, Anna Burns, a model who was crowned Miss Hooters International 2005.

Earlier in the weekend, Welker tweeted: "Getting married in 6 days and fired up about the reception.  Marrying the most beautiful girl in the world."

Niether Welker, the Patriots or Patron got back to Page Six.

Maybe if the restaurant had Gisele Bundchen working security at the door, Welker would have been better mannered.


  1. I hate you Fucin Crackers when it's wes welker or Jeremy shocky it's a scuffle or a misunderstanding if it's a player of color it's a brawl or act of terrorism...

  2. thats because 99% of the time it is a player of color doing something stupid, then its justified as we dont know any better becasue we grew up in the hood.. BULLSKIT stupid is stupid no matter what color you are

  3. Wes welker and his boys lol gtfoh

  4. 99% of the time when someone replies with a comment like that they have no clue .....call your nanny I think your coco is getting cold

  5. Best Wishes to Anna & Wes!! May you have a happy and healthy life together!

  6. Lay of Wes he is having fun no harm intended,no one got hurt.