Friday, June 29, 2012

Drew Brees gets behind the wheel of a New York City yellow cab

Drew Brees got behind the wheel of a New York City taxi cab and picked up unsuspecting passengers around Manhattan to help raise awareness about head-related injuries.

In a video titled "Who Dat Cabbie" posted on YouTube, the New Orleans Saints quarterback drives your typical yellow cab adorned with a gold number nine (his jersey number) hanging from the mirror, a Drew Brees bobblehead on the dash and a hack license on the bulletproof partition (Hey, it's still New York) with the driver ID number 5,476 (the NFL single-season yardage record he holds).  The expiration date on the license reads 'never.'

Six different passengers get into the cab and at first, fail to recognize the Super Bowl MVP.  As Brees cruises around the streets of Manhattan, pedestrians spot him and yell things at the familiar-looking cabbie like "Who dat?" and "Hey, it's Drew Brees" before each of the surprised fares catch on.

One female passenger asks Brees, "Why are you driving a cab?"  To which he replies," Just for fun, it gives me something to do, keeps my reaction time quick."

Brees teamed up with Dick's Sporting Goods to inform people of the dangers of concussions in sports.

During the ride, the six-time Pro-Bowler quizzes the passengers about sports injuries while getting the questions from his armband like he does in the huddle.

All the passengers got prizes at the end of the ride and— more important to Brees— an education on the seriousness of head trauma.

For tourists, the sight of Drew Brees as a hack is a shock, but real New Yorkers were probably more shocked that they actually got a cab that didn't smell or a driver that wasn't yakking on his phone.

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