Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eli Manning shows up for 'work' at NJ Dunkin' Donuts

People picking up their usual morning coffee from a N.J.  Dunkin' Donuts were probably asking for something a little stronger after they were surprised to see the guy at the drive-through window had a strange resemblance to Eli Manning.  No, the shocked drivers didn't forget to wipe the sleep from their eyes because the grinning guy in the No. 10 New York Giants jersey was the two-time Super Bowl MVP.

Is there anything this guy can't do?  Besides winning his second Super Bowl, the Giants quarterback has hosted "Saturday Night Live," thrown out the first pitch at Sunday's New York Mets game and two days later is doling out cups of Turbos and boxes of Boston Kremes.

Manning spent Tuesday morning at the East Rutherford Dunkin' Donuts as part of his new partnership with the donut chain.  But a few hours earlier, he was at his "real job" working out at the Giants facility.

"Obviously, I've tried to manage my time well," Manning said.  "I was able to get up, get a workout at the facility today, kind of get my preparations done."

Manning said he'll appear in a series of ads for the chain over the next few months.  The normally low-key Manning is getting more face time than Tim Tebow — alright, almost as much—but he claims his number one priority is getting ready for the Giants 2012 season.

"The off-season is a time to try and get some things done and do some things you want to do, like Saturday Night Live and those types of opportunities, as long as as it doesn't affect my preparation for football and my commitment to the Giants," Manning said.

It sounds like the one thing Manning didn't get to do was attempt to catch Mets phenom R.A. Dickey's knuckleball on Sunday.

"It's been fun to watch him this season," Manning said.  "I kinda asked him if I could get up there and he could throw me a few knuckleballs.  I just wanted to see what it looked like.  But we didn't have the time."

For some reason I don't think Easy Eli is an Old-Fashioned donut kinda guy any more.

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