Friday, June 29, 2012

Trevor Bauer's unique stretching routine doesn't prevent groin pull in debut

Trevor Bauer strained his groin in his major league debut and had to leave after pitching the first four innings.

It's hard to understand how the Arizona Diamondbacks rookie— and No. 3 overall draft in 2011—  could pull anything after watching his pre -game stretching ritual.

Bauer— who was called up from Triple-A Reno earlier in the day— did all kinds of stretches, yoga poses and foul pole-to-foul pole tosses before the game and even had the catcher move back from the plate so he could let his warm-up pitches really fly.

After Bauer threw his first major league pitch, the excited 21-year old retrieved the ball as a keepsake but tossed it into the Atlanta Braves dugout by mistake.


Fortunately for Bauer, Chris Young hit a tie breaking homer in the ninth inning, giving Arizona a 3-2 victory over Atlanta.

The former-UCLA star allowed five hits, three walks, and struck out three batters in four innings.  Bauer threw 42 of his 74 pitches for strikes.

Next time Bauer does his pre-game warmups, he should work those inner thigh muscles just a little more.

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