Friday, June 1, 2012

Floyd Mayweather gets pedicure before heading to jail

World champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be better known for using his hands but, before he prepared to begin his three-month jail sentence for a domestic violence conviction, the boxer got a pedicure.

Mayweather who surrendered himself to the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas Friday morning revealed he spent some his final free moments getting a pedicure at home before heading to the joint.

The fighter tweeted a photo of himself stretched back on a couch while a young women attended to his toenails.

Got to have good looking feet when you put on a pair of those orange jail slippers— don't want to offend your cellie.

Mayweather is looking at a stint of 87 days— with time off for good behavior— in a 6 x 10 cell.  It's a little smaller than the 20 x 20 boxing ring he's used to working in and about the size of one of his closets in his Las Vegas mansion.

He later posted a second image showing "me & my daughter spending precious time together before I leave my family, friends and fans."

See you later this summer Money.  I'm sure Manny Pacquiao will still be waiting.


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