Friday, June 15, 2012

Tracy Morgan in Floyd Mayweather's corner

Robert DiNiro was honored the other night by the Ghetto Film School (the nation's first film high school) in Manhattan and nobody brings out the celebrities in New York City like the "Raging Bull" star.  Wednesday's gala at the Standard Hotel was no exception as New Yorkers like David O. Russell and Chaz Palminteri showed up according to Page Six of The New York Post.

The always unpredictable Tracy Morgan was also there and told Page Six his mind was "focused" on boxing.  More specifically, Floyd Mayweather Jr.— the undefeated champ who began a three-month sentence this month for hitting his girlfriend.  The boxer was just denied early release from jail on the basis he was unable to keep in shape while incarcerated after serving only 12 days.

The "30 Rock" star spoke about Mayweather.

"I'm a big advocate.  He doesn't belong in jail, he's a talented fighter.  He belongs in the ring."

It's hard to know if Morgan was being Tracy Jordan (his motormouth character on the show) and just kidding.  The comedian recently called President Obama a "gangbanger" for killing Osama bin Laden.

Morgan later pulled up his white dress shirt and showed off his ample belly before thrusting his hand victoriously in the air.

Where's Liz Lemon when you need her?


  1. Tracy Morgan you are an idiot. Should Bernie Madoff be free too because he's a good painter? He's not in jail for boxing badly....he's in jail for beating a woman.

  2. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!

  3. Who's Tracy Morgan?? Horrible actor/Comedian right?

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