Monday, June 4, 2012

Yankees blast Tigers over on-field security

The New York Yankees are still fuming about the lax security at Comerica Stadium who let an unruly fan disrupt Sunday's game against the Detroit Tigers with two out in the ninth inning of their 5-1 victory.

The fan fist-bumped Yankees' rightfielder Nick Swisher before roaming the field for over a minute and finally getting tackled.

The Yankees are blaming the security guards and police for taking their time in grabbing the guy after he bounded out of the stands.

"There wasn't a real sense of urgency there," said Swisher about the security team's pursuit.

"He runs over and he's like, 'Come on Swish, give me some dap,'" Swisher said.  "I was like, well, hell he's going to jail.  Why not?"

After bumping fists with Swisher, the orange-capped goofball ran over to second baseman Robinson Cano and asked his for his glove as the guards and cops pounced on him.

It was kind of a big mob slowly closing in on him," Swisher said.

"That can't happen," said Yankees manager Joe Girardi.  "People (security) have to get out there.  You worry about your guy."

Mark Teixeira agreed with his skipper.

"That's too long.  Luckily that guy was harmless," the first baseman said. "You can't let a guy run out there for a few minutes and go up to the players.  Most stadiums are great and the security is on it in seconds.  That took too long.  It was like they were corralling him."

Tex hinted that the security at Yankee Stadium would have been faster and a lot less gentle.

"I'd like to see how they'd have handled him," he said.


  1. New York's Finest would of been all over that nut that ran on the field. Thank God no Bronx Bombers were hurt

  2. It is Comerica Park, not Comerica Stadium. Yankees were right to gripe about the security. I've been to many Tigers games, and generally you see plenty of uniforms watching the stands in between innings, but you don't see them during play.

  3. john swishes autograph in the lock up after the game...all snaps

  4. You Yankee fans kill me, you get mad when a harmless fan runs around for a few minutes. But it is ok to throw batteries at players in your stadium.

    1. who said it was ok to do that? sources? Try thinking before writing...