Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amazing hole-in-one-shot into moving car

A video of a golfer teeing off a ball and landing into the bucket seat of a moving car 300 yards away just set a new Guinness record for Farthest Golf Shot  to be Caught in a Moving Car.  Really?

The idea might seem pretty farfetched, but the video is pretty unbelievable.

English pro-golfer Jake Sheperd launched the tee shot down a New Zealand airstrip into ex-Formula One race car driver David Coulthard's speeding Mercedes— traveling at over 120 mph— for the hole-in-one and new record.

 Put it all together— 300 yards away, car going 120 mph and the ball travelling at 178 mph. One of these guys was paying attention in their high school physics class.

The feat, known as "The Catch," was confirmed by the fine people at Guinness— even though it took more than one attempt.

The golf ball reportedly smashed a windshield on the $200,000 Mercedes SLS Roadster during one try.

It looks like these people have a lot of time and money on their hands.

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