Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brooklyn Nets surprise Deron Williams with giant Happy Birthday card

The Brooklyn Nets literally drove out of their way to convince free-agent-to-be Deron Williams to stay with the team— after it crosses the Hudson and East Rivers next season— by trucking over a giant Happy Birthday card and parking it outside his Manhattan apartment building.

It might be nice to show their All-Star point guard he is wanted in Brooklyn but— with Williams only a week from becoming a free agent— it reeks of desperation.

The Nets surprised Williams— who turned 28 on Tuesday— and his family by parking a flat-bed truck with a 8'x 16' mobile billboard outside the player's Soho home.  The truck was scheduled to be parked until Tuesday afternoon.

The sign read: "Happy Birthday Deron! From your Brooklyn family" below the Nets' new black and white logo.

And no, that wasn't Jay-Z behind the wheel.

Amy Williams saw the sign before her husband and tweeted a picture of the giant card next to the couple's young children.

"@deronwilliams this is parked in front of our house!" she tweeted.

The Nets are hoping Williams will re-sign with the team for the maximum 5-year deal.  But the Dallas-raised star has his hometown Mavericks believing they are the top threat to land him.

At least until July 1, the Nets can hope their billboard might help sway Williams decision.  I hope they realize there's alternate side of the street parking and it's a tow-away zone.

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