Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adam Carolla is the LA Kings' biggest 'fan'

Comedian Adam Carolla visited his old pal on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show last night dressed in full Los Angeles Kings gear— including pads, helmet and on rollerblades— to show support for his "favorite" team.

Taking a jab at Los Angelelans— or whatever they're called— coming out of the woodwork during the Kings playoff run and hockey fever takes over the city, the Crank Yanker told Kimmel— his former co-host on "The Man Show"— he's "not  bandwagon guy."

"I was always talking about the Kings," Carolla joked.  "Hell to the no Jimmy.  I've been a King-natic, I call it, for many years."

When Kimmel quizzed the Kings "biggest fan" about the identity of the Kings' #32 on the back of Carolla's jersey, his guest got flustered and said, "Guy... Guy Robatusin?  Kobe?"

Carolla then squirted his face with water from a bottle.

"That was unnecessary," laughed Kimmel— who seemed a little confounded by Carolla's newfound loyalty to the Kings.

"It's weird, because when ever we'd work together on the radio, I'd go to Kings games all the time, and you really never came with me," Kimmel said.

"I was always talking about the Kings," Carolla responded before telling a touching story about how his father used to take little Adam to Kings games at the Staples Center.  One problem, Kimmel pointed out, the arena opened in 1999— when Carolla was 35-year old "boy."

Carolla's "favorite" team lost last night to the New Jersey Devils, 3-1.  I wonder how many Kings fans jumped off the bandwagon already.

It was probably about the black and white hockey jerseys anyway.

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