Saturday, July 13, 2013

PETA flags Rex Ryan for running with the bulls

Rex Ryan has more than just Jets fans horning into his off-season activities these days.

Animal-rights group PETA is now criticizing the New York Jets coach for helping kick off the annual San Fermin Festival by joining thousands in the running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, on Sunday and Monday.

Everyone together.  P-E-T-A Peta! Peta! Peta! 

Michelle Cho, PETA’S associate director, sent Ryan a letter Thursday asking him to refrain from future bull runs and clued him in on the abuse the animals endure — including death by sword.

“I implore you … to pledge never again to participate in this cruel event,” Cho wrote.

“An aspect of the cruel spectacle that you likely didn’t witness is that prior to runs, bulls are held in corrals, where the scared and confused animals are jabbed with electric prods and sharp sticks in order to rile them,” Cho wrote.

Ryan — who was ridiculed for having a Mark Sanchez tattoo while vacationing last winter — joined thousands of thrill-seekers running with the bulls in the annual celebration. Photos captured the red-scarfed coach frantically bulldozing through the crowd as one of the angry beasts jabs a participant. A video shows the slimmed down coach clumsily trying scale a fence while a bull rampages down a narrow street.

The Jets declined to comment.

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