Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brett Myers disses Rivera's MVP award and starts war of words on Twitter

Twitter blew up late Tuesday night after Mariano Rivera took home the All-Star Game MVP award and  Brett Myers was one of the first tweeters to question the merit of Rivera's performance garnering the trophy for coming in and routinely pitching to three batters in the eighth.

"Appreciate Mariano Rivera for all he's done but, MVP???? No way! Mariano is a class act and respect him but the media rules who wins!" tweeted the journeyman Cleveland Indians righthander.

Myers — who was accused of punching his wife when he was with the Phillies — was just venting what probably a lot of baseball fans were thinking when Mo was awarded the glass bat after the game. Why him?

Minutes later, the Kenny Powers lookalike added, "The guys that deserve the MVP are the guys that drove in the runs to get Mariano the chance to be a hero in his last all star game!”

The 32-year-old Myers Twitter account (TheOutlaw39) blew up bigger than his ERA after he dissed the Yankees closer.  Comments calling Myers a "has been" and "Mariano's waterboy" were countered by support for sometime closer's viewpoint.

"You got balls, kid" and "support you 100%" were tweets that had Myers' back.

Either way, Myers must have seen the eighth-inning tribute to baseball's all-time saves leader and the outpouring of respect for Rivera and know it's only a glorified exhibition game.

Myers should have just kept his thumbs to himself.

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