Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rex Ryan poses with fan wearing 'This Team Makes Me Drink' T-shirt

Jets fans may have lost their hearts after the past couple of seasons but that doesn't mean they still can't find a little humor in their epic slide into Margaritaville. And the same goes for Rex Ryan it seems.

During a relaxing night on the town in Cortland, N.Y.,  following the second day of training camp, the Jets head coach and his staff ran into this fan wearing a Jets' green and white T-shirt with the words "This Team Makes Me Drink" emblazoned on the front.

The good-natured Ryan even posed for a photo with Joseph Grinwis — the T-shirt wearing fan who cautiously approached the coach to ask for the midnight shot.

Grinwis said he first saw Ryan ("had a water") in the Dark Horse Tavern and spoke with the head coach, telling him how much he loved the Jets. He said that Ryan was appreciative of his support and the effort he made to come up to training camp.

And even seemed fine with the bold T-shirt poking fun at his team.

“He looked at it and laughed,” Ginwis said. “He didn’t make a comment. He just laughed.”

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