Friday, July 19, 2013

Derek Jeter's forged signature shows up on NYC politician's petition

If you believe a local New York City politician's petition, Derek Jeter has given up his Trump Tower penthouse to live at a rundown, six-floor walkup on Lafayette Ave. in the South Bronx.

It would be convenient. Since it's only a one-stop ride on the No. 4 train to Yankee Stadium.

According to the petition, Jeter's new neighbors include New York Giants defensive tackle Rocky Bernard and sportscaster Joe Buck as well. 

That is, if you don't question the list of signatures submitted by embattled City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo.

Arroyo’s political team gathered 3,863 signatures — far more than the 450 she needs to make the ballot for her re-election bid.

Coincidental maybe? But her challenger is disputing 3,437 of the signatures.

Two pages in particular are Exhibit A and B in the challenge.

One page is filled with signatures that appear to be forgeries, including those of Jeter, Bernard, and Buck — though it is unclear if the Buck signature is meant to be the sportscaster or the fictional character at the center of iconic New York film, “Midnight Cowboy.”

Another page of signatures collected by a different campaign staffer features identical handwriting on every line.

Residents of the Hunts Point think the petitions are blatant forgeries.

"I've never seen Jeter here," said resident Juanita Velasquez. "Only on my wall."

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