Saturday, July 13, 2013

See the All-Star Game's 'Apples on Parade' without going to NYC (PHOTO GALLERY)

Story and article by Tony Mangia

The world knows New York City as the Big Apple and — in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the first placement of All-Star statues around the host cities — MLB has scattered 35 six-foot tall, 350-pound sculptures shaped as the healthy fruit around NYC in a tribute to the 84th Midsummer Classic.

The commemorative All-Star statues have become a big part of the ASG experience and tourists searching out their favorite team's statue for a photo-op has become a great way for fans to get involved with the annual event and see the host city close up.

This year, the 2013 collection of statues (one for each team and a few add-ons) are on display at various locations in Manhattan with the exception of the one at Citi Field (a Matt Harvey toss from the Mets' iconic Home Run Apple).

The mostly unassuming apples can be spotted in the shadow of the nearly completed Freedom Tower at the World Financial Center (Rockies), uptown in bustling Harlem (L.A. Dodgers), outside the battle-scarred Intrepid aircraft carrier on the Hudson River (Nationals), blocking the aisles of a Fifth Avenue Tommy Bahama shop (S.F. Giants) and being ignored by young gamers in the Rockefeller Center Nintendo store (Mariners).

I spent three days with my trusty Nikon peddling through rivers of yellow taxis via mountain bike to capture the essence of the soon-to-be-forgotten apples. Did I mention the heat wave?

Along the way, I met a troop of Boy Scouts (Nationals), a protective 150-pound dog (Cardinals), an ASG ticket winner (Tigers), break-dancing street performers (Rangers) and got the opportunity to enjoy parts of the city I haven't seen in years — or just plain forgot about. I even saw Mets and Yankees fans (Athletics) making nice by taking pictures of each other.

If you aren't lucky enough to be visiting New York for the game this week — or just don't want to deal with the subways, the heat or rent a Citi Bike to see the "Apples on Parade" — here's all 35 of the colorful creations in one photo show to see what you're missing.

I think you'll like dem apples.

Citi Field
Photos by Tony Mangia

Rangers-Zuccotti Park

Angels-Bed Bath & Beyond
Mets-SNY Studios

Blue Jays-Intercontinental Hotel
Marlins-Grace Building

More photos below:

Braves-Time-Warner Center

  • 1.  Arizona Diamondbacks- Modell's Sporting Goods
  • 2.  Atlanta Braves TBS - Time Warner Center
  • 3.  Baltimore Orioles- Chelsea Market
  • 4.  Boston Red Sox- Party City
  • 5.  Chicago Cubs- Staybridge Suites
  • 6.  Chicago White Sox- Toys "R" Us
  • 7.  Cincinnati Reds- Modell's Sporting Goods
  • 8.  Cleveland Indians- Topps
  • 9.  Colorado Rockies- World Financial Center
  • 10. Detroit Tigers- Duane Reade
  • 11. Houston Astros- Westin Hotel
  • 12. Kansas City Royals- FOX News 
  • 13. Los Angeles Angels- Bed Bath & Beyond
  • 14. Los Angeles Dodgers- T-Mobile
  • 15. Miami Marlins- Grace Building
  • 16. Milwaukee Brewers- Office of the Commissioner
  • 17. Minnesota Twins- Best Buy
  • 18. New York Mets- SNY Studios
  • 19. New York Yankees- Modell's Sporting Goods
  • 20. Oakland Athletics- Modell's Sporting Goods
  • 21. Philadelphia Phillies- Party City
  • 22. Pittsburgh Pirates- Niketown
  • 23. San Diego Padres- Sony
  • 24. San Francisco Giants- Tommy Bahama
  • 25. Seattle Mariners- Nintendo
  • 26. St. Louis Cardinals- Buy Baby Buy
  • 27. Tampa Bay Rays- Madison Square Park
  • 28. Texas Rangers- Zuccotti Park
  • 29. Toronto Blue Jays- Intercontinental Hotel
  • 30. Washington Nationals- Intrepid Museum
  • 31. MLB All-Star Game- Citi Field
  • 32. American League- NY Public Library
  • 33. National League- NY Public Library
  • 34. Brooklyn Dodgers- Grand Central Terminal
  • 35. New York Giants- Grand Central Terminal

Brewers-Commissioner's Building

Brooklyn Dodgers-Grand Central

Cardinals-Buy Baby Buy

Cubs-Staybridge Suites

Diamondbacks-Modell's Sporting Goods




A's-Modell's Sporting Goods

National League-NY Public Library

American League-NY Public Library

Nationals-Intrepid Museum

New York Giants-Grand Central

Orioles-Chelsea Market


Phillies-Party City


Rays-Madison Square

Red Sox-Party City
Astros-Westin Hotel

Reds-Modell's Sporting Goods

Rockies-World Financial Center

Royals-FOX News

Giants-Tommy Bahama

Tigers-Duane Reade

Twins-Best Buy

White Sox-Toys "R" Us

Yankees-Modell's Sporting Goods
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