Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jay-Z team goes to bat for A-Rod

While Alex Rodriguez prepares to face the music in the looming Major League Baseball PED investigation, the beleaguered Yankees player has one famous friend singing the third baseman's praises — and it sounds like A-Rod is still OK with Jay-Z.

While A-Rod's suspension looks imminent, last week, according to The New York Post,  Jordan Siev, a lawyer for the rapper-turned-entertainment mogul-turned-sports agent's pop star wife, BeyoncĂ©, represented A-Rod in a telephone conference with Yankee executives.

On the call, Bomber General Manager Brian Cashman, President Randy Levine and Tampa-based trainer Tim Lentych discussed with Siev the time frame for A-Rod’s return to the team.  
Oddly, there was no union official or lawyer on the call, which took place the day after Rodriguez dispatched a tainted New Jersey doctor on a media tour to say he was healthy and ready to return to the field.
 Rodriguez told WFAN he brought Siev on to “make sure everything is documented.”
 “No more mix-ups.”
 Rodriguez is also using publicist Ron Berkowitz — whose Berk Communications represents Jay Z’s new Roc Nation Sports enterprise — as a spokesman.

Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that Jay-Z's sports agency Roc Nation — which was recently approved by MLB and the NBA — was looking to sign A-Rod, sources quickly squashed that notion.

The sources said that it’s not likely that Roc Nation is eager to sign Rodriguez at the moment, noting that his alleged doping issues will make it hard for him to attract sponsorships and he already has a longtime agent Dan Lozano

“Alex has been friends with Jay and Ron for years. It’s not unusual that they’d want to help or give advice where they can. But I don’t believe they are talking about signing him,” one source said.

“He already has a great agent.”

A-Rod and Jay Z have been kicking it together for a long time. They’ve teamed up for celebrity poker games and charity events and have sat courtside at Knick games. The rapper rode on the championship float with Rodriguez at the Yanks’ 2009 parade, and A-Rod  rang in the new year with Jay Z and BeyoncĂ© in 2011.

Yesterday, another A-Rod rep, attorney David Cornwell, told ESPN that Rodriguez’s camp is “focused’’ on appealing any suspension that Major League Baseball might hand down.

While Rodriguez waits for the MLB ball to drop, Jay-Z just wants to have his buddy's back. He knows A-Rod is going to need all the high-profile support he can muster.

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