Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tim Hudson's wife thanks Mets' Eric Young Jr. for 'playing the game the right way' after freak play

Tim Hudson was the one laid up in the hospital with a possible career-ending broken ankle Thursday but it was Eric Young Jr. — the Mets player who unintentionally stepped on Hudson's ankle Wednesday night — who also got some words of encouragement from the Braves pitcher's wife, Kim.

Young was beside himself with guilt after being party to the gruesome injury, but took to Twitter on Thursday to voice his appreciation for those who had supported him.

@EYJr: "Thank you all for the kind words. I sincerely appreciate it. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery for Tim. Thank you again. #praying4Tim."

Kim Hudson responded to Young's tweet with her own kind words absolving him of any blame: 

"@EYJr Thank you for playing the game the right way. You're obviously one of the good guys. We appreciate you," she tweeted.

Earlier Thursday morning, Kim sent a similar tweet to the Mets.

"Cant say enough great things about the @Mets organization and the way they handled Tim's injury: players, medical team, security #grateful."

Ironically, Young was removed after the third inning of Thursday afternoon's game with pain in his right knee. Mets manager Terry Collins told reporters before the game that Young's leg had been "tweaked" after the freak play.

So he did need a little love.

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  1. usual you show your fine character. We miss you as a Rockie. God Bless.