Monday, July 15, 2013

Man catches baseball dropped over 1000 feet from helicopter

Professional baseball collector Zack Hample claims he set a new world record on Saturday when he caught a baseball dropped from a helicopter hovering 1,050 feet above LeLacheur Park (home of the minor league Lowell Spinners)  in Lowell, Mass. 

Hample is the fan who claims to have caught over 6,800 baseballs at 50 different major league stadiums over the past 23 years.

Saturday's feat easily beats the previous record of more than 800 feet — reportedly set in 1930 when hall of fame catcher Gabby Hartnett caught a ball dropped from a blimp. 

Unfortunately, Hample's record will go unrecognized as no one from Guinness World Records attended to verify it. That was probably the least of his worries: In this clip, he confesses he wondered whether the ball might break his hand,  hit him in the face, "snap my neck" or even "kill me." 

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