Sunday, July 21, 2013

Steve Nash's boozy, profane buddy audiobombs interview

During an MLS match between the Los Angeles Galaxy against the Vancouver Whitecaps, Kelli Tennant, a reporter for Time Warner Cable SportsNet (the Los Angeles Lakers' local broadcast partner) managed to get an interview with the Lakers star and Whitecaps co-owner Steve Nash. The seemingly clueless reporter began the doomed interview by asking Nash,"Steve, I know you are a huge soccer fan, what brought you out tonight?"

"Uh, two things," Nash replied. "One, I'm one of the four owners of the Vancouver Whitecaps. And one of my best buddies, it's his bachelor party, so, um, I think he's bombing this interview ..."

Nash's soon-to-be-married bud, with beer cup in hand, then stumbles over into the camera frame and drops a few choice words about a referee's call on live TV — sort of like video c---blocking.

A smiling Nash apologized for his friend's language, saying: "I'm going to enjoy the game. I hope I didn't ruin the telecast with the poor behavior."

He later posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "@whitecapsfc vs @ galaxy for one of my best friends bachelor party. Due hard. Check him on YouTube cussing. Class act."

L.A. went on to win 2-1 by adding a second goal in the 57th minute — which probably had Nash saying a few choice words of his own.

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