Monday, July 22, 2013

Thai badminton player attacks Olympic teammate on court (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that badminton is a big time sport in Thailand —  but so is kickboxing. What happens when you combines the two — a shuttlecock fight.

Birdies went flying everywhere after two Thailand Olympic players, who were partners on a London doubles team, got into a fight at the Canada Open at the Richmond Olympic Oval, according to Canadian and Thailand reports.

As you can see from the video below, the instigator, Bodin Issara, began chasing teammate Maneepong Jongjit onto an adjacent court.

Issara got Jongjit on the ground and began punching him in the back of his head before they were separated.

Issara needed two stitches to his ear, and both teams were immediately disqualified, according to reports.

The two players reportedly “glared at each other” and “exchanged several heated words” during a mid-match changeover setting off the one-sided brawl.

Issara and Jongjit split after making the 2012 London Olympic quarterfinals because Issara announced his retirement due to injury and to care for his ailing mother, according to the Bangkok Post.

However, a day later a Badminton publication reported Issara didn’t retire at all. Instead, he was unhappy training at Thailand’s national badminton center and had chosen a new partner.

Who knew badminton was a contact sport.

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  1. Is that called a "shuttle-cock" fight?