Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Victor Cruz says he has no plans for a reality TV show

Victor Cruz shot down reports that he was engaged in talks regarding starring in a reality television show and took to his Twitter account to clarify the false reports.

"This is truly God testing me for something much bigger," Cruz tweeted. "Never EVER doing a reality show. Nor am I in talks for one."

That was after Cruz was quoted Monday as saying he was considering offers to host his own show — and that he "definitely" wanted to star as himself in "something that I can contribute to and something I like to do" before the season started.

The 26-year-old Cruz has already turned down offers to appear on "Dancing With The Stars" and currently in discussions with the Giants for a long-term contact extension. A reality show probably wouldn't be in the best interest of the popular wideout — or the Giants — right now.

Didn't anyone learn anything from Rex Ryan and "Hard Knocks"?

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