Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cleveland Browns rookie charged with attempted murder

Ausar Walcott, a former New Jersey high school football star and recent Cleveland Browns signee, was charged Tuesday with attempted murder for allegedly punching a man outside a bar in Passaic, N.J.,  reported North

The victim, Derrick Jones, 24, of New York City, remained hospitalized Tuesday in critical condition at Harlem Hospital Center in Manhattan, Passaic Police Detective Andrew White said.

The Browns issued a brief statement Tuesday saying the team was "aware of the situation."

While at the University of Virginia, Walcott was briefly suspended from the football team after he was arrested and charged with assault after a fight near James Madison University,the Washington Post reported. The charges were dropped.

The 23-year-old Walcott was a standout player at Hackensack High School.


  1. I fully support the browns decision to cut Walcott. He had zero buisness being in a strip club at all. And as far as whether he deserves the charges he has against him are irrelevant. With great power comes great responsibility and in my view, when you have a NFL contract and the powerful physic of a pro linebacker you have greater power than the average Joe. I served on a nuclear submarine and so I know a thing or two about having power! The greatest application of power on my mind is never having to use it! It matters not why the fought occurred, only that Walcott should not have engaged. Talk about the perfect example of winning the battle bit losing the war. The problem with these rebel rookies league wide is a social issue that needs addressing. But that is a different conversation altogether. For now I say to Walcott this. Learn this phrase " would you like fries with that". You had the world at your feet and now you will serve the world one happy meal at a time.

  2. Oh he had the right to be anywhere he chooses but his actions could have been prevented.

    I will be honest, I really don't understand, this young generation that's growing up.

  3. Major league sports are coming to an end because of Drugs Guns and Violence, what a shame. The last 20 years of Gangster players have forever ruined all sports.