Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rex Ryan lookalike catches foul ball while holding a hot dog

If you didn't know Rex Ryan was in New Jersey playing charity golf at Trump National golf course, you would swear that was the New York Jets head coach out at Progressive Field making an impressive one-handed grab of a foul ball while holding a hot dog Tuesday night.

We know Rex already has a twin in brother Rob — who has hair down to his shoulders — so it couldn't be the other Ryan taking in the Royals-Indians game.

The way this guy handles the stadium delicacy and catches the ball simultaneously — without spilling a drop of mustard on his pink polo — makes it easy to think it was old Rex. But we know it isn't.

The giveaway? No Mark Sanchez tattoo on his arm.

Still, it's an outstanding grab by the long-lost Ryan triplet.

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