Friday, June 14, 2013

Chris Stewart holds on to ball after second-out collision at plate; Gets up thinking it's third out

The Yankees and Athletics had been putting up nothing but zeroes since the third inning and with one out in the bottom of the 15th of a 2-2 game between the Yanks and A's, Coco Crisp blooped the ball out to left field. Brandon Moss represented the winning run on second base and raced home after the ball landed just in front of Vernon Wells. Wells, running in hard, played it off one hop and threw a strike to catcher Chris Stewart.

Stewart was promptly run over as the ball and Moss arrived at roughly the same time, but he was able to hold on, record the second out and keep this game going. 

Stewart looked confused going into the at-bat or he was a little groggy after the head-on collision because he thought the inning was over.

Stewart's defensive gem was all for naught.  The A's went on to 3-2 victory in the 18-inning marathon after Mariano Rivera gave up a bases-loaded single giving the A's a three-game sweep over the Yankees.

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