Saturday, June 15, 2013

David Adams' botched pop-up call highlights Yankees' blooper reel

The New York Yankees have scored 16 runs in the last seven games and manager Joe Girardi has to be disheartened every time he fills out a lineup card with names like Neal, Brignac and Romine filling out the bottom of the batting order.

He can't be too happy at what he sees happening on the field either as second baseman David Adams spectacularly showed Friday night against the Los Angeles Angels.

Just adding to the frustration of the slumping Yankees was Adams' and shortstop Reid Brignac's I-got-it-no-you-got-it goof in the seventh that led to an Angels run.

“That’s my ball. I waived but I thought I heard [Brignac] call,’’ said Adams, whose two-out single scored two runs in the fourth against C.J. Wilson and gave the Yankees a short-lived 2-1 lead.
Adams mistake hurt when Mark Trumbo delivered a two-out RBI single.

The Yankees went on to lose their fourth straight, 5-2.

As for Adams, botching pop-ups and going 4-for-33 over your last 10 games is a good way to get sent back down to the minors— even on the infield-depleted Yankees.

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  1. Why was Brignac camped under the ball if he wasn't calling it. I think the ball and play hog is just saying he didn't call it to cover his butt and to make a rookie who takes his playing time look bad.