Monday, June 24, 2013

Wallenda sets sights on tightrope walking across Manhattan

As if a breathtaking tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon wasn't enough of a thrill for Nik Wallenda, now the daredevil high-wire artist wants to cross the concrete canyons of Manhattan.

After completing a gut-gripping tightrope walk across the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona on Sunday, Wallenda said he next wants to stroll the skies between the Empire State and Chrysler buildings — a space of some nine city blocks, reports The New York Post.

If he gets permission to walk between the two iconic Art Deco buildings above the quaint Murray Hill neighborhood below, the stroll would be 4,000 feet, more than triple the length of Sunday's stunt.

He gave no indication if he had yet made any attempt to get permission to perform the feat.

In Sunday night’s high-wire act — watched by millions live on television — the 34-year-old Wallenda walked 1,500 feet above the river gorge, part of the Navajo Nation’s reservation, without a safety harness.

He took just more than 22 minutes, pausing and crouching twice as winds whipped around him so that he could get "the rhythm out of the rope."

The event was broadcast live on the Discovery Channel.

The seventh-generation tightrope walker is part of the legendary "Flying Wallendas" circus family. He earned his seventh Guinness world record when he crossed Niagara Falls last year.

It's one way to get around those tourist-clogged sidewalks of midtown Manhattan.

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