Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rockets' Chandler Parsons turns down prom invite, sends party bus instead

Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons may have had to let down a fan when she asked him to escort her to prom, but the NBA star still made sure she had a memorable evening.

The 24-year-old basketball player sent a party bus to take Stephanie Flores and her friends to the big dance.

Parsons was first contacted by Stephanie on Twitter a few weeks ago, as she tried to convince him to escort her to prom on May 31 with a series of tweets.

When her first messages went unnoticed, she encouraged her Twitter followers to help get her noticed by sending messages to Parsons. 

After her sister Monica sent a tweet to Parsons saying: "My sis wants to make her dream come true by having you escort her to prom! She'd even love just a response," Parsons contacted the teenager and gave her the bad news he couldn't make the dance.

In a tweet he thanked her for the invite but explained he wouldn't be in Houston on the big night, before adding: "I hope you have a great time!! Be safe."

But Parsons still planned a special treat for the teenager.

Stephanie, who had been excited to even receive a response from her favorite player, was astounded when the Houston Rockets and Parsons then sent the sleek party bus for her and her friends to enjoy.

She took to Twitter to post a picture of her posing outside the party bus in her prom dress, and with a Rockets' foam finger and towel. 

In a final message she tweeted to Parsons: "Thank you so much for making my prom even more exciting! My friends and I are extremely grateful for the party bus!"

A night to remember — and safer too.

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