Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maple Leafs fan holds up the most tasteless sign ever

The Toronto Maple Leafs finally ended the longest current home playoff drought in the NHL after playing their first postseason game at the Air Canada Centre Monday night against the Boston Bruins.  Most fans showed up and and made the experience of hosting the big night fun and memorable. But some showed the world they've never been there before in more ways than one.

This knucklehead took the occasion to hold up a poster with the words "Toronto Stronger" emblazoned with a blue ribbon to support the team.  All fine and dandy except when you realize it's a play on the words, "Boston Strong," the slogan used to help Boston residents — and everyone else for that matter— come to grips with the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy.

Twisting the rallying cry of a devastated country to cheer your own city is in bad taste. Using the words to compare the hopes of winning a hockey series to a city that just lost its innocence is shameful.

Stick to the blue and white scarves ... eh.

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