Monday, May 6, 2013

John McEnroe on sibling rivalries: I'm no Venus

John McEnroe sounded a little perplexed on how Venus and Serena Williams manage to play nice with each other after seeing a screening of the film "Venus and Serena" at the IFC Center in Manhattan.

McEnroe — one of the fiercest competitors in tennis history — couldn't get a handle on how the the two sisters keep it together even when one of them has to be the victor. The former tennis great and big brother to Patrick McEnroe vented his frustration to Page Six of The New York Post:

“I do have a brother [Patrick] that played professional tennis, so I understand at least to a small degree what Venus, as the older sister, was going through,” said Mac.  “The way she has treated Serena all these years and been behind her through thick and thin is remarkable because I can guarantee you I would have dusted my brother off and told him to take a friggin’ hike if he’d started beating me. The little brother in my family doesn’t beat the older brother, and that will never happen as long as I live.” 

Just to drive home the point, he added, “I never did lose to Patrick.”


  1. My sister would love for me to beat her at anything.. She would be my biggest fan.

  2. I love John! He is so funny and real. And you know it is true, he would have hated losing to Patrick, but I know he loves his brother. Glad he saw the film!