Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eli Manning: Winning Super Bowls is what doing drugs 'must feel like'

Eli Manning has never been the most outspoken player outside the locker room. But in a recent interview with Brandon Steiner on a podcast, the New York Giants quarterback was uncharacteristically chatty.

Manning opened up about music in the locker room ("Nobody likes my country") to what could be called his addiction — winning Super Bowls.
“That’s the thing about championships – once you experience one or two, you never get satisfied,” Manning said.  “It’s a feeling you want again. It's that high. I’ve never done drugs, but that’s what it must feel like. It’s a feeling you want again. Makes you work through the whole off-season and make that total commitment.

In addition to the "high" he feels after winning a game, Manning discussed just how far he's come as a leader on the field and in the huddle.

“No one talks in the huddle. That’s rule one. That’s the first thing my dad told me as advice for being a quarterback. If they’re talking, tell them to be quiet. I have to use some choice words, sometimes.”

It's hard to imagine a young Manning telling some of his former teammates to "shut their f------ traps" when he was an up-and-comer. But, now that the 32-year-old has two Super Bowl rings, it goes to show how far he's come in his own quiet way.

He also knows it takes more than one guy to help feed that addiction.
“It takes 11 guys coming together and doing the right thing. There’s a mental aspect to being a quarterback – figuring out defenses, picking up protections. It’s like problem-solving.”
Sounds like Eli is jonesing for another Super Bowl. Now if his teammates would only let him play Kenny Chesney when he's bench-pressing.

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