Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Barry Bonds signed '87 'Say No To Drugs' baseball card on eBay for $100K

A rare 1987 Donruss rookie PSA Barry Bonds baseball card signed by the player himself is available on eBay. What makes this card special — besides the former Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder's signature — it that it comes with a few words of wisdom, Say No To Drugs, scrawled across the card by Bonds himself.

The same signed card — which usually goes for about $125 — is now going for an asking price of $100,000 because of the ironic nature of those four words.

The seller, who actually goes by bonds_autograph, claims “This card represents the most unique and ironic collectible available for the polarizing star.” He also says the card has been verified by PSA. 

The price of the card — with a photo of the much-less buff Bonds and those prophetic words — soars because of the irony factor. But a hundred Grand?!


  1. why pay 100K for a card from such a useless piece of crap in baseball history. this guy has tainted a whole generation of players, kids and fans. thanks to this guy we get our even more useless congress involved with baseball(they cant even balance the budget, but hey, and now you think this life of minutia warrants an upcharge for his card. HA! bet this guy gets a $1000 best offer at best. what a joke.....

    1. Yeah, everyone else was clean. It was only Barry. Right.

  2. i wouldnt put all the blame on Bonds for tainting the generation of players, plenty of other athletes that cheated the system before him

  3. The whole league was doing 'roids, pitchers and position players, and everybody knew, except the fans. Blaming Bonds for a generation of PEDs use in MLB is ridiculous...

  4. I wouldn't give you $10.00 for it! But I'd sure as hell sell it for that price!

  5. who cares, it's baseball

  6. Obiviously you dont! PED's are just another chapter in the long and winding history of professional baseball....

  7. 100,000 for what