Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mysterious falling glass delays Heat-Warriors game (VIDEO)

A chunk of glass fell from the ceiling of Oracle Arena to the court during the Heat-Warriors game Wednesday, shattering near the feet of Warriors’ defender Harrison Barnes. No one was hurt in the bizarre incident, but it did wipe out a 3-pointer by the Heat’s Shane Battier.

Fortunately, nobody stepped on the glass and the grounds crew was able to get it all cleaned up.

Unfortunately, the potentially dangerous occurrence also cost LeBron James his first triple-double of the season.

At first, the Warriors’ commentators thought that somebody threw a glass onto the court, but it appeared as though a piece of a camera above the court fell down from the ceiling above. Others said it was a '70's style disco ball that got rocked from its mount.

Disco ball? Right. And wasn't that Rick Barry throwing underhand free throws at the line too?

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