Thursday, February 27, 2014

Russian skier still paralyzed from waist down after breaking spine in Sochi

The 23-year-old Komissarova crashed and dislocated her spine on Feb. 15 during a training run. She fractured the 12th dorsal vertebrae, located in her lower back. During emergency surgery that lasted more than six hours, a metal rod was implanted into her spine. At the time, doctors did not give a prognosis, but listed her condition as "grave but stable."

Ten days later, she updated her condition on Instagram.

"I do not feel my body lower than my belly button," she posted from her hospital bed. "But I am strong and I know that someday I will definitely be on my feet again."

Russian president Vladimir Putin visited the skier following the operation to give the courageous athlete his best wishes in person.

During the competition, six skiers race against each other in loosely packed bunches. The accident occurred during practice on a series of jumps near the top of the course and Komissarova fell while exiting the third jump.

Komissarova, who won silver in a World Cup medal in ski cross in 2012, was the face of Russian Freestyle Skiing leading up to Sochi.

The skier — who posed in sexy lingerie shoot before the Games— is ranked 33rd in the current World Cup standings and recovered from a leg injury last year to qualify for the Olympics.

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