Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Deron Williams: 'Not bringing my gun to New York City'

Deron Williams may be a gun owner but the Brooklyn Nets point guard claims he doesn't —and won't — keep a firearm in his posh Manhattan home.

“I got my license to carry in like 26 states, but I’m not bringing my gun to New York City,” Williams said before the Nets practiced on Tuesday and before they traveled up the coast for Wednesday night’s game with the Trail Blazers. “I know better than that.”

Felton, the Knicks’ starting point guard, was charged Tuesday with criminal possession of a weapon in the second, third and fourth-degrees.

Williams, who is originally from Dallas and has another home in Salt Lake City — places where gun laws are more lax — is well aware that New York has among the strictest state laws on gun control in the country.

“It’s a tough situation,” Williams said. “I wish the best for Ray. I know Ray well. That’s tough for him.”

Williams and Felton have a lengthy history between themselves too — going back to being high-school point guards in the same recruiting class in 2002.

Apparently D-Will has better common sense.

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